Monday, February 18, 2013

February Update, Rollit-Write It Freebie to come!

Wow! Where has February gone? I was doing so good with my updates, and then the madness that is February hit and I have been MIA. To top it off I started The Shred diet with a friend from work, so my energy is currently running a little low-- and I am about to hit up Turbo Kick Boxing!!! AHH!

Unfortunately, I do not have much to post about at the moment... but here is a look at my week!!

We are celebrating Presidents Day-- ALL week! Today we learned about Washington, tomorrow will be Lincoln and then we will compare the 2 on Wednesday. We will wrap up the week talking about American Symbols. Most of this can be found in the fabulous Deanna Jump's unit: America.

In Math we started our Shapes unit- yes, it's February and Investigations holds off on shapes until now? Not my FAV thing but it is what it is! We just wrapped up some addition/subtraction (and will continue to work on it as the year progresses) and I have got a few fabulous games that my kiddos LOVE to share with you.

Roll It/Write it Game board/recording sheet

All you need is a number dice

and a 1,2,3 dot dice
This game works with kids on the "counting on" strategy. I teach my kids to focus on the yellow number dice and use that as their starting number...then count on 1, 2, or 3 whatever they rolled with the dot dice. This has really helped my kiddos move from counting all to counting on! I will upload and share a **FREEBIE** of this with you tomorrow!! =)

Other things to look forward to this week:
-Happy Healthy Heart Mini Unit for National Heart Month
- Shapes activities
- America posts

Hope everyone has had a fabulous Monday.