Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makeovers & First Day of Kindergarten Linky Party!!

Let me start with this!! I am so very excited that I got a bloggy make over today! =) Alicia from Dreamlike magic has the cutest templates it was hard to pick one but I decided on this one. YAY for make overs !!!

Anyway, I am teaming up with Rachel from Teaching with Z on her first day of kindergarten linky party! I have been browsing around reading what other bloggers do on their first day and it's so interesting to see all the different ideas! You can join the party too by linking up-- just click the picture below....

So Let me begin by saying this-- my team and I start our work way before the little ones come walking into our rooms. The thursday night before school starts our entire school has out "Back to School Bash" where we meet the kids and their parents, get their transportation information & are completely overwhelmed and hardly remember who we meet are so great at remembering each and every precious child's name, need, and interest!! Thank goodness for my trusty iPad/check lists...right?! 

Following that night, literally...back to back... on the Friday before the first day of school we have a Kindergarten Parent meeting. We go over all the "to do's" for our parents, what to bring/not bring, uniform, lunch, schedules, personal independence (going to the bathroom alone!!!!) etc. We hold off on curriculum because we don't want to overwhelm... we like to save that for September Open House! Of course, the parents you typically NEED to be there, are not...but it helps some. 

On the first day I plan A LOT, knowing that I most likely will not get through it all but it's better to be over prepared! =) My day looks something like this (this is a ROUGH sketch!)

7:40-8:00 Meeting students at door. Once they come in the room they can color on the coloring page. 
8:00-8:20 Morning Meeting (Get-to-know you: pass tiger/name game)
8:20-8:30 How/where do we line up?? 
-practice walking in hallway
8:30-8:40 Calendar
8:40-8:55 READ miss Bindergarten
9:55-9:05 Bathroom
-practice lining up (where, what it looks like)
-where are bathrooms/behavior in bathroom/what do we do after
9:05-9:40 Math Workshop
-how many people are in our class? 
-Intro to MWS Rules/Procedures
-manipulative exploration
-clean up/check in
9:40-11:00 CATCH/RECESS/Lunch
11:00-11:40 WWS: 
-Read: Look out kindergarten here i come. 
-after reading talk about how we felt the night before. 
-Complete first day of kinder page. ***COPY FOR PORTFOLIO****, then make a class book.
11:40-12:00 DEAR TIME--- I will be taking first day of school pictures at this time. 
12:00-12:15 ABC song
-ABC punch
- Can you write your namE?! Have kids write name on Large piece of paper save for mosaic activity. 
12:15 split class for specials. Line up by color group. practice going to teachers door. 
12:30-1:15 SPECIALS
1:!5-1:30 bathroom break
1:30-1:50 Read the kissing hand. & 2 ways to read a book
-Launch daily 5: read to self. 
-book manners. 
-kissing hand activity? 
1:50-2:30 Read the Crayon Box that didn’t get a long. 
-Discuss how we treat our friends.
-Above the line/below the line.
Friendship chain.
2:30-2:55 pack up, dismiss EARLY to make sure all students have tape and are in place.

PHEW--- again, those are a rough outline. I will be posting my first week plans here in a week or so when I have **fine tuned**.

Hope you found some of this useful. I will leave you with this freebie that goes along with the book "Look out Kindergarten, Here I come"-- you can download by clicking the picture!


  1. This is a great Lauren! Thanks for linking up:) BTW...I LOVE your blog makeover!!

    Teaching with Z

  2. Great stuff Lauren,i also like your page.Pink is very feminine.

    -Aki from hanging letters for nursery

  3. thanks for sharing. i need to get with my new co-teacher to plan our first day.

    Come check out my new blog/classroom. love to have new visitors :)

    Pre-Schooler Daze