Sunday, August 26, 2012

Heeeere we go!!!

Well, I am about to crawl in bed and try to get a good nights sleep so I can be up bright and early (coffee in hand) ready to go for all 27+ kinder babies that are going to walk in my door tomorrow... yes, you read that right... 27+!!!!

I'm excited though. I think it's great that we as teachers get 2 "new years" every year... 2 new fresh starts! I am in need of one, and think this year is going to be great! I tried very hard to find a new job but God opened no doors, I believe he kept me at Freeman for a reason. I cannot wait to see new faces and my precious old familiar ones of kiddos from years past.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new school year... whether you began already or have new kiddos walking in your room tomorrow morning.

Hopefully I will have a little more to share tomorrow, until then off to bed I go! =)

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  1. Have a wonderful first day! I had 28 Kindergarten darlings last year, so I can relate. This year, only 21 (whew)! We've already had 7 days of school but still practicing those routines and procedures! Have a great day!