Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 13': Meet The Teach

It's Teacher Week 2013 Y'all! I am excited to learn more about everyone! I hope y'all all participate in the blog hop! You can join by clicking the button at the very bottom. Now for a little about muwah! :) 

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teacher Week 2013 & New Product

Happy Sunday! I cannot believe I am saying this but it is officially the last week of summer, and a CRAZY one at that! I have trainings, projects and my best friend in the whole world is getting hitched on Saturday! This gal is hoppin on a plane on Friday morning to the great state of Michigan! (Well I am not sure how GREAT the state is, I've never been there, but I am very excited!)

In honor of the last week of summer I have a few exciting things to share! First of all tomorrow starts Teacher Week!!! I am so excited! You can join the party by clicking the button below. 

The adorable image below has all the deets you need to know to participate in teacher week! :) I will be posting bright and early! Hope you all join in the fun!

In other news, I have posted my August and September writing journals with prompts! I am pretty excited about them! I am going to use them as morning work. My kiddos will start these after writing their learning goals for the day in their planner. You can check it out by clicking the picture below. And... **The 1st 3 people to follow and comment on this blog post can snag this packet for FREE!**

I am shooting to have the October journal finished this week and continue these monthly! I will take 1 grade at the end of the month using the rubric that's included in the pack for a writing grade. The prompts this month are pretty basic, I plan to beef them up a little more as the year goes on but I figured beginning of the year-- let's keep it basic! :) 

In even more news, I am jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but I have been reading The Next Step in Guided Reading I am LOVING this book so far.... like totes love! :) 
I am getting tons of awesome ideas! I am revamping my Readers response journals some, and trying something new! I am going to add some vocabulary pages in the journal, a reading log and a weekly assignment to write and tell me about their reading this week! I am working on some freebies to post this week that go along with my reading, so be on the look out for those! : )

This is a little preview, since room photos are going to be shared later this week...but I just HAD to share my achievement of the day! My word wall has been the BANE of my exsistance for a few weeks now. After 5 attempts I FINALLY got it to look the way I wanted. :) I love it! 

I must get back to my 24 marathon! I read online Jack Bauer is coming back for another season-- I FREAKED OUT! I love love love love me some I was stoked to hear this news!

Good Luck to everyone that is going back to school tomorrow! :) Hope it's a great day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

busy bee...short & sweet!


I am exhausted! Maybe I will actually fall asleep at a decent time :) I have a very "intense" (so I am told) training tomorrow for instructional rounds. I am VERY excited about this opportunity! I filled out a questionnaire and was chosen for this by my new principal! It's a district initiative where every school comes up with a "problem of practice". This is basically objectives the school as a whole are focusing on targeting and improving. We really began this last year and I was fortunate to participate in internal rounds (only your school) so I am looking forward to learning more about the process and participating on a larger scale! All that to say... I NEED to get to finishing my assigned reading from this juicy book.

I wanted to share an item I will be putting in my store tomorrow, hopefully! It's all finished for the most part! :) In the morning's when my kiddos come in I have them copy their objectives for the day in their planner. After they copy the objectives I want them to get out their morning journal and complete the prompt provided. I am going to try to stay on top of this for the year! Monthly journals that include the cover, writing page, prompts and rubric. I will take a grade once a month for writing looking over their journals. I need to finish the rubric and add it before I post the finished product. I am really happy with how they turned out and hope you take some time to check it out. I think my kids are going to enjoy them! Of course, I kept the months of August/September pretty basic with the prompt... come October, it's on!! (ease into this routine a bit!) 

Anyway- look at me, I am making a blogging comeback! Stay tuned tomorrow for the finished product!! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to School Bash!

I am totally loving this B2SB giveaway party!!! :)  A lot of my faves are putting this on and I am so excited to share, if you haven't checked it out... get on it! (even though that takes away the likely hood of me winning! ha) 

Look at that 2 posts in one day! SHOCKER!

August Currently...

It's August... Already? :( The tears are about start flowing!!! It's such a bitter sweet feeling. I feel like time is about to start flying. EEK! 

So, I am linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th grade, a little late but... better late than never?! :) 

1. So, I started watching Orange Is The New Black on netflix. I have flown through all of my usual go to shows this summer so I had to find something new. I am a fan of the show!! I am only on the second episode though, so well see... I am intrigued. 

2. no words necessary....
3. Thinking.... well, we went out last night and had a blast! Needless to say, I was a bum all day... slept most of the day. 

4. I have been having an itch for a printer! I am looking at this HP one... maybe itll be a little back to school gift to myself?! :)

5. I hate worrying about finances! Such a stress...hence, I would love to win the lottery and not worry about money. problem solved!! :)

I've been working on my learning targets for my first grade class. We have to post "i can" statements every day covering the objectives we are teaching. I am hoping I am done with them at some point this week! :) 

OK, back to my show! If you haven't watched it... check it out on netflix! 

Oh...and hop over and link up!