Friday, April 5, 2013

5 for Friday!

Well, I am linking up for the first time ever with Doodle Bugs teaching on their five for friday linky party! =)

 1. I left work after the kiddos left and I went to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL day at the dog park with my favorite guy, Dakota! :) He's currently passed out napping now.

2. My dinner tonight. I am participating in the Advocare 24 day challenge with some girlfriends from work. Typically a few of us go to our favorite watering hole on Friday's after work but I am being good and sticking with the cleanse. This is my water (pretending it's a beer) and my chili (pretending it is wings and cheese fries!)

3. Being on this cleanse.... I hear you have lots of energy... well, that energy hasn't hit me yet so I am already tucked into bed about to watch one of my favorite shows, New Girl! =)

4. I am just plain proud of this... and theres lots of day left!! 

5. This is the blog my lovely teacher friends and I are writing while we do the challenge. Come check us out, we could use some followers/love/support =) (click the photo for the link to the blog!)

Happy Friday everyone! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

overdue freebie!

Click the photo to download my roll it/write it freebie!

using 2 die: 1 numeral dice and 1 (1,2,3) dot dice students can practice counting on and building their addition strategies! :) My kiddos LOVE this game!

Keep up with our teacher advocate 24 day challenge here!!!

Currently...and....24 day challenge!


Well, I feel like I have said this on every post "recently" but I have been MIA! Life is crazy this year. New administration is exhausting, just figuring things out. Student teachers=awesome but exhausting... which leads me into my point... I am exhausted... and the last thing I have felt like doing once I am home is to look at a computer! : ( So I have neglected my blog.

However, I am attempting a comeback!   (more on that to come)

First off- April Currently...

A few of my favorite teacher friends and I are doing the advocate 24 day challenge together. Today was our first day and I am stoked! I feel great and am really excited to see the results in the end. Hop on over to our blog to follow us, join us, grab some recipes, and see what works for us! It's BRAND new, and it's 6 of us blogging! Hope you come follow us, there may or may not be an advocare give away coming soon so be on the look out! WARNING: the layout is awful, and a work in progress-- don't judge just yet! :) 

That's all I have for you tonight, but I have some great freebies that I need to upload... tomorrow perhaps! :) Happy Tuesday!