Tuesday, August 21, 2012

technology tip tuesday

Good Evening all! =)

I JUST got home for the day... yes... at about 9:30. Really??? Gotta love the beginning of the school year, right? Plus my bestie got home from a long weekend so we met for dinner at 8. After all of our inservice meetings... today was great! Inservice... well, I will just say, it was long!

So today's topic for teacher's week is technology tips! I wanted to share one of my favorite iPad apps with you!

I LOVE this app and have gotten my co workers addicted! I would share pictures of my old class but i deleted yesterday while cleaning my iPad during training (productivity at it's finest, I say!) However, this app is great! You can input all your student data that you need-to-know and even have a cutie patootie photo of them with it at their desk! I really used the grade book feature but even more so the emailing feature! I made a "parent group" for mass emails since I like to be earth friendly and go green as much as possible! Anyway- this app helped me to limit paper usage and stay organized when it came to kid information. Love it and would suggest it to anyone! =)

Another favorite techy thing of mine is Brainpop Jr. OMG- my kiddos LOVE this website!! We go to the computer lab every friday and they always begged towards the end of the year for freebie friday so they could go to "moby" (the robot) You must check it out if you have never visited the website!!  Full of great, quick, informative videos that engage the kids... and even includes games, follow up activities and so much more!

Well, we have what we call convocation tomorrow morning so I best be off to bed!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. If you haven't already linked up-- jump on it! =)

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