Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Lovin...

Well, as today is the last "offical" day of summer I found it appropriate to blog and join this linky party! The Joys of Kindergarten is hosting this linky party, so you should head on over and link up!

Alrighty--- so my top 5 would be...

1. Getting my works outs in whenever I got around to it! I loved going around 10:30. No crowds, got to sleep in, but still start my day in a healthy way. I really learned to love working out this summer! I lost 15 pounds so far... still have more to reach my goal but it's a start! =) Starting Monday my crazy work out schedule begins... Tuesdays/Thursdays alarm will sound at 5am and Ill drag my zombie self to the gym for some cardio before school. Hopefully I stick with it!! Monday/Wednesdays I have kick boxing! (my new love!)

2. sleeping in! OMG- i have gotten myself on a weeeiiiiird sleeping schedule that is for sure!

3. spending my days with this handsome fella....

4. days filled with nothing but netflix marathons

5. POOL DAYS!!!! I will definitely miss the sun!

Despite all these things, I am very excited to get back to school!! I have spent quite a bit of time up there this summer working on things, so I am definitely ready to get back into a routine, meet my kiddos and to have a fabulous year! We actually start our inservice, as I believe most of us Texas teachers do, on Monday & I'm a little anxious! We have a new principal this year & a lot of new teachers! We had a huge turn over this year-- I believe there are atleast 10 new teachers. eepa! Most Def going to be a year full of newness.

Wish me luck!! All you Texas teachers... enjoy your last weekend and I hope you have a great week back =)


  1. Howdy! Just found your blog! LOVE IT! I'm a TEXAS teacher toooooo!

  2. Awww-your pup is so cute-what a great pic, he looks so happy! I will miss my Netflix too. I was way behind in my movies and I'm sure will be behind again soon! :)