Monday, August 20, 2012

Teacher's Week & My first week back!

Today was my first day back, well... inservice! Thank goodness no kiddos today because I could NOT sleep last night and was a little exhausted this morning. We have inservice ALL week and meet the teacher Thursday night. It's a beating... I assume inservice is the same at every school... just a beating! However, beatings aside, today wasn't a bad day at all! It was nice getting to see our new principal with the entire staff and get a feel for things. Its going to be a busy busy week thought!! Gotta love the first month back, sigh. I am proud to say, long day aside, I sucked it up and went to my kick boxing class! LOVE IT and so happy I went-- great way to start the week! =)

Alright, so apparently- it's Teachers Week! Which I find fitting since it's our first week back to school (atleast me) So I am linking up! I am just LOVING all these back-to-school links, yay for meeting lots of new friends! =) 

Ok- Must Have Monday!!! These are a few of my favorite things... let me begin with one I already mentioned in my post-- 

I am addicted to Turbo kick! I have been going Monday & Wednesday... I want to start Saturday too. Such a great work out (870+ calories tonight) and fun!! 

Lip Smackers-- or I like to refer to them as "magic smelly sticks"-- OH the things kids do for these puppies on their little hands! I used to just call them smelly sticks, but they seriously work MAGIC.

My appletv... I would DIE of boredom without it!

My Nikon DSLR- enough said.

Diet DP- I love it. I have tried to give it up, several times, and fail. It is just so scrumptious! =) 

My iPad- I am always using this at school... couldn't live without it now. I use it in meetings, tutoring, classroom management! 

My lovely lap top (can you tell i am a MAC person?!)- I can't stand our school computers so I bring this puppy with me to school daily to work on stuff! 

Anyway-- what are your must haves? Link up!!! 

And have a fabulous week! :) 

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