Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{MORE FREEBIES!!} First Week Behavior Chart & Student Information Page

Goodness- I am on a roll or something tonight. I am meeting with a co teacher to go over all the book keeping, management stuff so that when we meet as a team we are ready to go. So I've spent a lot of the night working on things I send home the first day of school and/or behavior charts. I want to work on my first week unit... but I am just on a roll with all this management stuff currently! Anyway- I hope these are useful. The first item is my "August Behavior Calendar" (if you want to call it that)-- we start school on August 27th, so it's a whole week. I figured why spend time making an entire Calendar when I can just make a week! We spend so much time going over rules, procedures, etc. that I usually don't have any behavior problems what-so-ever, but I usually don't introduce my clip chart until the end of the week... so this works perfect.
My Clip Chart (minus the clips!)

You had a good day (usually EVERYONE) or a bad day- simple as that. I also feel parents have loads of questions that first week of school, so I included plenty of room for notes.

The second freebie is a Student Information sheet. We have a very culturally diverse community so there are probably some sections on here you wouldn't typically see (i.e. food allowances, religious holidays, languages) We send this home & keep it for the remainder of the year. It's great, I totally prefer pulling this out over going through TEAMS trying to get information! =)

I hope you can use these! =) ENJOY!

Lastly, and then i promise I am done for the night and relaxing, check out these great blogs for some giveaways!! Could be your lucky day, you never know! 

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Ok! I am OFF for the night! 

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  1. 1) Love the freebies...Thank you! My favorite is the "My First Week of Kindergarten". 2)You won the "owl who needs a home",but I didn't see your e-mail on the post. e-mail me with the address you would like it sent to, if you would like it! I'm going to have a hard time letting it fly away!
    Owl Things First