Sunday, July 22, 2012

APP Happy Linky!

Oh.My.Goodness!! I stumbled upon this linky party and got oh-so-very excited!

Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigins is hosting this one and you can find her by clicking the image above.

I LOVE technology, especially in the classroom. I was fortunate to purchase an iPad last summer and use it this past year with my kiddos. Let me tell you---- it is amazing! Kiddos are so technologically stimulated these days that an iPad/iPod touch is a great way to reach those kiddos that are struggling! I primarily used my iPad as an reward/motivation and mostly for tutoring/review for some of my low babies. They loved it! I just wish I could get a set of 4/5.... that would be GLORIOUS!

Ill give you my top 5 in the classroom for kiddos...

5.  See.Touch.Learn= 
this app is great (and free!) you can create your own flash cards and so much more! 

4. PBS Kids= I discovered the show Super Why  this past year. My class LOVED it, and it's super educational!! We used this on those rainy recess days, or days that we finished a little faster than normal. Very easy to tie into word work, or reading!! Anyway, PBS kids has lots of different shows kiddos can watch on there too. This just came in handy for me to plug the iPad in and run through my projector. (so wanting an to leave up at school but don't want to haul mine back and forth!)

3. Bugs and Buttons= this is a greeeeat app when it comes to beginning math skills. Sorting, patterns, counting. (and even tick-tac-toe!) This was a great review for some of my lower kiddos after we finished tutoring. They loved it. Prepare yourself though... some of the bugs are a little realistic!!! =p

2. Alphabet!= OMG, this has been such a hit, and definitely has worked wonders with those babies that come in knowing not even the first letter of their name! Its a lot more "fun" than boring flash cards. Students remember the picture/actions that go with the letter so they're beginning to make beginning sound associations too! We often times play it as a "memory" type game. I ask them to find the letter... B... and they go of it! This has helped many of low babies soar in my classroom! :) And it is definably an application the kids can run on their own while you work with another reading group. 

1. Bob Books= MY Absolute FAV!! Not the most glamourous application, however, just teaches and reinforces the basics for students. I think this is great, it meets the needs of your kiddos at different stages from matching letters to spelling out simple cvc words without help. The kids enjoy it, and there are several different sets of the books. (just like the scholastic ones!) So whenever they've gone through all the books, their loving teacher can purchase the next set in the series!! :) 

Finally, I wanted to throw in an app I love for my personal use in the classroom. It helped me become a little more organized (always a work in progress) this past year. 

I used it primarily for parent communication. I attempt to stay pretty green in my class and save all the paper I can, so this past year I sent a lot of group emails to my parents with my newsletters, reminders, etc. This application allowed me to create those groups easily and the best part is you do that by having a photo of every child in your class, and all their information is available by tapping their face. The application also allows you to maintain grade book...which I only used to track homework. You can also track attendance. This is definitely a wonderful application and I definitely recommend to all  my teacher friends! :) 

Alrighty, I have gabbed long enough!! Hopefully you got some great app ideas and ya go start downloading! You can practice for your kiddos, since school is really just around the corner! Can ya believe it!? =( Soak it up!!!  OH, and if you haven't go link up!! =)

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  1. Those are some pretty cool apps!! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to grab Bob Books now. It looks awesome for my little ones.

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