Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily 5 Chapter 6

So the "questions" for this week seem a little vague to me, so I am winging' it on this chapter!

Activities for word families/letters
I agree with a post I read on Kreative in Kinder, I believe the beginning of the year for a lot of my kiddos will be more letter work than word work. I would like to give the option for both. My higher kiddos would know that they can do the words, while my babies that need to learn their letters work on letters. My IF was big into reading recovery so I use a lot of ideas that I got from her for beginning of the year letter work with students.

Letter work
Rainbow write our names (our name is the most important thing about ourselves!!) 
Sorting the letters of our name (magnets) by letters that have sticks/curves
writing our name with bingo doppers
sorting letters by capitol/lower case
sorting letters by stick/curves
matching pictures by beginning letter sounds
matching lower with upper and vise versa

High Frequency Words
At our school part of our weekly homework is 4/6 sight words to spell and read correctly. We also add these words to our word wall. I loved the activity I saw here... 
you can find that here

Some other things I plan to include in my Word Work centers are....

-work families

I am actually working on a unit full of word work activities so stay tuned for that.. :)

While I was in VEGAS at the I teach K! conference I was lucky enough to attend Deanna Jumps Alphapalooza session which had TONS of great ideas! 

If you aren't a follower of hers, you NEED to be!! 
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When it comes to the writing section I really intended on having my kiddos work on whatever we are discussing in writers workshop. My students have a writers workshop folder as well as access to the writers bookshelf that has loads of writing materials ready for them. My writing folders also have a red and a green sticker on the inside. Red for not finished, Green for finished. :) 

I would LOVE to see someones schedule that they have been successful using while doing daily 5. I was wanting to do 3 rotations of the daily 5 at 30-40 min each. Before their individual time there would be a lesson of about 10-15 min. So thats a big chunk of the day not even getting to math/science/social studies.  I have always done Readers & Writers workshop daily... allowing students to read and write uninterrupted 30-45 min a day. Which is what were doing here in daily 5, I guess it overwhelms be by being so jumbled in a sense. For example-What if a child chooses read to self, listen to reading and word work on monday. Will their lack of writing here and there a day hinder their progress?

 I was thinking my schedule would look something like this:

7:40  Come in, unpack, then DEAR time or Journal Time
8:05  Readers Workshop
8:25 TNN (morning announcements on TV)
8:30  daily 5 choice #1
9:00  Writers Workshop
9:15  daily 5 choice #2
9:45 - 11 CATCH/Recess/Lunch
11:00 Work Work
11:15 daily 5 choice #3

I have probably begun to make no sense! I am just typing away here! I guess the "unknown" is always a little stressful. I am really excited to implement this in my classroom. I think it'll really allow me to have more time for guided reading & for one-on-one instruction with kids. If you're reading this and have comments/encouragements/tips... PLEASE feel free to comment below, would love to hear! :)

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