Friday, July 27, 2012

First Day Jitters {A few weeks early}

Well, I stumbled upon this linky this morning, and thought it was a super neat idea! Fierce in Fourth is hosting this linky party and it is all about the things that you are nervous about for the first day of school!

Just reading the few blogs that linked up alone make me smile at the fact that even us experienced teachers STILL get nervous about the first day of school. I know I have a hard time falling asleep that night before because i have crazy thoughts going through my head... for example-- the ever common one---am i going to hear my alarm!?! HOW AWFUL would that be, I mean...really??

Anyway, this year is going to be a definite new adventure for me, and it is causing some major jitters. Not for the reasons you would necessarily think of either....
1. I guess my BIGGEST uneasy feeling comes from seeing my ex. I dated our PE coach for 3 years (yes, lesson not date someone you work with!!) Long story short, things have was hard. I mean I thought I was going to marry the guy. So listen, I love my school...I was there first... I didn't want to leave, although probably the best decision. I did however, apply places to try to get out of the situation...alas no luck! So anyway, I have had the summer away and am SO nervous about seeing him every day! EEKKKKK.

2. Now for normal people reasons I am jittery! Every year I have been at my school with the exception of 1, we have had to hire a 6th kinder teacher because of numbers. Our class sizes are usually insane that first week before school starts. I believe last year I had over 30 kids on my roster. Our district will not consider hiring another teacher (even though 30 is WAY over state allowance of student-teacher ratio) until the bodies are in the desks on the first day of school. Ridiculous??? YEP! So, first day/week of kindergarten is exhausting to begin with but you throw this situation in on top... its just insane!

3. This year our principal retired. We had a HUGE turn over in teachers at our school. We have 1 new teacher in Kindergarten (plus the one well hire 2 weeks into school). I will be responsible in keeping them up to date with stuff, helping them plan, etc. It's overwhelming!!! I am NOT the most organized person in the world and I feel like this year this has to change. Our school departmentalizes... so in kinder we have 5 teachers. So 2 LA, 2 math and 1 self contained (which is ME!! and I wouldn't have it any other way). Anyway, I feel a huge responsibility on the LA side with these teachers because they both will be LA teachers!!

Regardless of all this, I am so looking forward to this year! I think it's going to be a great one. =) Anyway, if you haven't already-- go link up!! Ease some ones nerves or just vent your anxieties!


  1. Thank you for the award! Now I am following you! I don't blame you for jitters at seeing an ex. Yuck! It sounds like you'll be too busy for it to bother you for too long. I'm looking forward to following your adventure!
    Owl Things First

  2. Wow - you do have a lot going on this year! Our school waits to hire a teacher to lower class size, too. Last year it was 6 weeks into the year before we got someone! Fortunately, this year we've already got a new teacher, which makes 8 on the grade level. Planning and meeting are going to be interesting:)
    Hope you have a great year!

    Teaching in Progress

  3. I just found you through another blog. Come visit us sometime. Your newest follower, Stephanie