Tuesday, July 10, 2012

classroom MESS

In my previous post- I said I have been up to school working.... sigh... I start thinking about everything I have to do and it is overwhelming.
 a) I am changing themes this year (i do every year, i have ADD in that sense). 
b) we are short a kinder teacher (tech 2-- our numbers are ALWAYS high and we have to ALWAYS hire a 6th teacher after school starts up, split our classes, and it's just awful. To make matters even more overwhelming, both will be LA teachers. Our school departmentalizes...other than myself, LOVE being self contained and we have an odd amount of teachers. I am "head" of language arts plannings, so I feel I might be extra busy this year with possible new teachers. 
c) we have a new principal this year..... 
d) I am super excited to implement daily 5= LOTS of prep work for me! :) 

Our school makes up pile EVERYTHING up on one side of our room before summer so they can clean the room down... so I walk in to this....
That is just one section of my room... JOY :) 

So anyway, I am trying to do a "woodland" themed classroom. Owls, chipmunks, deer, etc. All because I have this kiddie tent someone passed down to me and decided to finally use it! I felt a little silly considering I CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT IT TOGETHER!!! ahhh!!!! Its a tent...for kids...shouldn't it be easier than this!? :p

I also made a little tree (or began the tree) for my reading corner. I haven't added leaves just yet because I am waiting to see if the branches survive our motion sensors. We aren't allowed to hang stuff from the ceiling (bummer) because i guess when the AC comes on it causes things to blow, which causes the alarms to go off?

That's about all I have accomplished to be honest... our district updated our computer software, so I catch myself messing with that more often than not. Hopefully I will get a little more done when I get back next week. Oh, did I mention... I leave for VEGAS tomorrow morning for ....

And ofcourse... playing in Vegas with my 2 fellow kinder girlfriends. SHould be exciting! I actually need to get back to packing so I am off! :) Maybe I will see some of you there!! 

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