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Daily 5 Chapter 5...

So, I am still behind. SHEESH! It's been a busy week though....
1. I teach K! In Vegas (was awesome to see all my favorite bloggy teachers!)
2. working in my room
3. being lazy (lets be honest...)

But here I am still playing catch up! Maybe it'll be a double post kinda day.

Listening to Reading

1. How will you instill the importance (or urgency) of 'listening to reading' in your students and especially those students who have had little 'lap time' or reading done for them in their own homes?

This is simple! Kids love listening to reading because it is fun, and different! I think this applies even more so to the children that do not get that experience at home because it is something new to them. Students in my class have always enjoyed listening center. I also plan to include computers into my listening center which will just make it all the more exciting to them! :) 

2. What devices or strategies are you going to use to conduct listen to reading? Will you use a community recording device with one cd and several earphones, individual cd players, tape recorders, ipod-type devices or computers?

I have a little listening center tape player (you know those old ones that just are awkward??) So this last year I began using my huge boom box, and plugging the head phones in that way. My listening center table is smaller so I prefer to have 2 at that area. Like I said in the above answer- I also want to use my computers for listening center. I plan to allow the kids to use star fall, river deep and even maybe those website where the celebrity reads the story aloud! 

3. What expectations will you have for your students during 'listen to reading' and how will you keep them on task and independent instead of needing your assistance when they can't manage devices?

The expectations in this center are the same for the others. They do not need to be talking since they're listening, so this is a silent center. I will spend the week I introduce this part of daily 5 really going over the expectations, procedures, clean up, and working the technology. I made this little thing real quick for a sign to post on the wall near my listening table to remind them of the stickers. The reason there is a track number listed is because we use a lot of the Journey's books for listening. Why not right?? There are SO many of them! So i figured it would be easy cheesy to laminate and then use marker to put track number. :) 

As far as the computers go- we start week 1 in the computer lab. I go every week, and yes-- the first few are torture. However, they catch on quickly! I am hoping by the time I introduce listen to reading they'll have it down pretty well. My kiddos use their ID number as log in and I keep a box on my computer table with their name and id number for those who it takes a little longer to memorize!

4. Do you have enough 'listening to reading' type materials? If not, what ideas do you have for securing these materials? Where will you store them? How will your students retrieve these items? Where will they be used (will there be a designated spot in your class for listening to reading or will it be their choice?

Goodness! I feel un prepared for this post!! I might have to come back and edit, and add some pictures. Well we use the Journeys, well kind of. Our district adopted it, but we don't use it hardly ever in our curriculum. (makes no sense to me) However, I LOVE using their books on tape. I have a tub on the bookshelf that holds all the books and then a CD box for the CD's. Again... need to post pictures! 

5. How do you feel about listening response sheets? What will they look like?

I do use readers response sheets, I think its a great way for students to show their understanding as well as a great way to review something we have been talking about. I have a generic one I've used alone with some more specific ones I have made. You can see them below. 

6. How can this station be differentiated to meet the various learning profiles, interests and/or readiness of your students?

I think by giving them the option to draw or write a response is a great way to differentiate for those lower babies who are necessarily ready to write their thoughts down. 

Read to Someone

Why should students be reading to someone? 

I think reading to one another is a great way to build fluency, accuracy and comprehension. I think that it also teaching cooperation skills between students. They can learn leadership roles and are able to build confidence by helping each other with their reading. Over all I think it is another great way for students to become better readers! 

How can students EEKK?

I got so excited when I saw this strategy!! I have used it in my classroom the past 5 years. I think it is a great way to share, check for understanding and for the teacher to get to listen in on conversations. I use it a lot on the carpet and just spend the time going over the procedures with them. The students know their partner and they know what to do if their partner is absent when we EEKK. I had never heard the term "EEKK", I would always say "eye to eye, knee to knee" and then to have them come back to attention I would say "One, Two, Three... eyes on me" and they all knew to be sitting like little soldiers on my carpet with a bubble in their mouth by the end of that saying. My students also know the kind of voice they use is to be a whisper voice, or a mouse voice I will say now! :) Now when it comes to EEKK during reading to a partner I will have a designated area for them to sit in, away from other students so they aren't distracting, probably in my classroom library. 

What is one thing you have done with partner reading? What do you do to ensure success? 

I will be honest... I have never allowed my kids to partner read during readers workshop. It scared me! Thinking to allow these kiddos to talk and read to one another just seemed like more of a hassle than beneficial. After reading this chapter though, I feel a little more comfortable. Like everything in kinder, MODELING is sooooo important. I will definitely be following the lessons as they are in the book because I think they're great! I think I will spend a week working & practicing the routines of reading with a partner. 

Alright, back to reading for me! :) Stay tuned for some photos of my listing and computer areas! 

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