Monday, July 7, 2014


I am pretty proud of myself!! I have been quite productive for a Monday.

Things I have done:
1. Woke up and dropped my summer school stuff off at my new school... and got totally overwhelmed once again by the MESS that is my classroom. But her!! I marked on of my items on the Bloghoppin 2014 Scavenger hunt! :) Follow me on instagram by clicking here.

2. After leaving the school I got some Chipotle for my lunch. I started the 24 day challenge today! Day 1 cleansing has been a success! :)

3. Went to the grocery store. There was definitely a power outage in the midst of my shopping. That was a first... The high school boys were for sure enjoying pretending to rob each other in the darkness of the store, ha!

4. I came home and worked on some classroom decor with my new purple cow laminator. I am obsessed!!!

You can snag the super cute things I laminated in lamination overload by clicking the pictures below! 

Ok that's all for now! :) Until next time...

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