Monday, January 7, 2013

Ending letter sounds **freebie***


Happy Monday!! Well, I wont say it was happy... but it ended happy. Kickboxing + best friends + glass of wine + biggest loser... good ending to the day. OMG! Anyone else watching the biggest loser? Love it  and the focus on childhood obesity brings tears to my eyes because it is SUCH a problem! Gah, I think the show just does a wonderful thing for people and it is so inspiring. We do a lot in my class for National Heart Month and I think were really going to go the extra mile this year. :) I will keep you posted and share some of things we will be doing soon.

Before I went on my Biggest Loser tangent I wanted to hop on and write real quick and share something we are doing tomorrow morning for word work. We are shifting our focus in class from beginning sounds to ending sounds. (kind of nervous, well see how it goes) I made this page to go along with the lesson. You can click the image to download for **free** Here is a preview...
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We had a work day today and I am pooped.. but I am SOOOOO excited to see my little ones tomorrow! :) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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