Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Unit

Sigh, moments like this I wish I could make clip art!!! I am in the middle of working on my winter unit and I have an activity in mind but cannot find the clip art I am looking for. Frustrating!!!

I can't believe that the break is over. I am so sad!! But on the bright side... only half a year left??? And I have a TON to do! sheesh! Thankfully tomorrow is a work day and I can get a lot done (fingers crossed!) I am going to have a "do not enter sign" on my door- I am awful at chatting away with my coworkers. eeek!

Anyway, this week we are focusing on winter. It's going to be a fun one! I am almost done with my winter unit so keep on the look out! =)

This week in homework we are starting our spelling program! I am trying something new out so hopefully it goes well. You can check it out in my TpT store or previous blog. =) Hope everyone has a great week back!

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