Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sight Work Homework/Spelling & give away!

I can't believe break is almost over!! So sad but it will be an exciting and hopefully smoother second half of the year! This year is my first year to have a student observer and surprise!!! I have 2! I am excited/nervous... you know, the unknown is always a little nerve racking. :) I was blessed to have a WONDERFUL mentor teacher when I was student teaching and she inspired me to give back a little. Hopefully my girls love it!

Anyway, I do weekly homework with my kids and with this group being a little lower than my previous groups I decided to hold off on the spelling part of our homework and really focus in on beginning sounds and word work activities. Well, now that we are half way through (almost) I am going to give sight work/spelling a try!

In years past, I have used common sight words. Our districts adoption is word families but the words are so random-- nothing that are kiddos are going to use while reading. We, as a team, felt like our kiddos benefitted more from sight words. One thing i've always noticed though is the kids practice the words for a week and most of the ones that need to retain those words and use them, dont.... SO, I am trying something new this year.

I am hoping to spend 2 weeks on the same 10 words. So each list lasts 2 weeks. The first week we will focus on reading the words. The second week we will focus on writing the words. I am starting this next week so let's see how this goes!! You can download week 1 & 2 on my TpT store... please let me know what you think! Hopefully this works to tie in with you homework and help improve your kiddos reading and writing!

Um, and by the way, if you are interested in where I got the super cute digital paper back ground check out The Hazel Owl! Super Super cute graphics and backgrounds and so much more!! :) You can go to the store by clicking the photo logo. 

Oh, and Surprise!! The first 3 people to comment and follow my blog & TpT store will receive week 1 & 2 pack for **FREE**. Please be sure to leave your email! :)


  1. I am following your blog and your TpT store! The packs look wonderfully awesome!!!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

  2. i am a new follower of both. i am super excited.

  3. OMG! I just found you and you are amazing!! :) I'm your newest follower of your blog and your TPT store! :)

    Thanks for being great!


  4. Oh, one other question! Is there any way to follow your blog via email?? I don't want to miss anything, and Google Friend Connect isn't my best friend for some reason!


    Danielle :)

  5. Thank you so much for the shout out! Your blog is amazing!! :)